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News Update - December 2006

Please note that the Vice Admiral's Cup has been bought forward to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2007 and WILL include a class for the Quarter Tonners.

Congratulations to Tony Dodd and the crew of Purple Haze for winning the IRC Solent Series 2006. Good effort boys.....

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Quarter tonners refuse to keel over and vanish

Daily Telegraph Article
By David Pelly

Racing yachts follow fashions - this year's hot number is liable to be on next year's bargain rail and if there was one particular group of boats that would seem to be well on the way to the Oxfam shop, it must be the quarter tonners.

Designed 30 years ago to a rule that no longer exists, with hulls that often looked distorted and rigs that seem out of proportion, they don't seem to have a lot going for them today. And yet one of the most surprising developments in the past couple of years has been a strong revival of interest in quarter tonners, with boats being dragged out of the long grass and, in some cases, very expensively restored with new keels, masts and sails.

The Royal Corinthian Yacht Club have organised a new series for the Quarter Ton Trophy, thanks to the initiative of club secretary Louise Morton, who also competes in her quarter tonner Super Q, which won yesterday's race at Cowes. Up to 20 boats are now racing regularly with more to come.

The Quarter Ton Cup has not been held for 10 years and the trophy seems to have disappeared. It derived from the One Ton Cup, which was created in the late 1960s for yachts of fixed rating - you could use any design up to a fixed rating level, and racing was boat-for-boat with no handicap.

The concept gave yacht racing a huge boost and design development raced ahead through the 1970s in its wake. To keep costs down, a version for smaller boats, the Half Ton Cup, was promoted, and finally the Quarter Ton Cup, for an 18.5 ft International Offshore Rule (IOR) rating, which turned out as a sporty little number of around 25 ft. Tonnage had nothing to do with it.

The IOR has gone to join the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Ton Cup concept died with it but the quarter tonners seem reluctant to lie down. Seven of the entries in Class 7 of Skandia Cowes Week are quarter tonners with the current points leader in the class the Farr-designed Espada Wanchai Belle, skippered by Jamie McWilliam.

The comeback began when boat-building brothers Jim and George Webb did a superb job in restoring the David Thomas-design, Purple Haze, and went on to revive several more, most notably Odd Job, the quirky Stephen Jones-design built for yachting journalist Jack Knights.

Recently re-bought by Paul Treliving, Odd Job has been rebuilt to grand-piano standard by the Webbs and had her performance boosted with a new keel and taller rig of modern design.

On Monday I re-activated a few old bruises by joining the crew of Odd Job for what proved to be a crash-and-bash race around the east Solent. With her strangely snubbed bow and open stern, she still looks radical after 30 years and proved more than a handful at times for helmsman (and former owner) Ray Nash.

When these narrow-ended IOR designs decide to broach, they don't give up until the masthead is touching the water but, on the other hand, they are sensitive and responsive in a way that today's bulbous brutes never could be.

Provided the rather complex rating questions can be sorted out, it could well be that the Quarter Ton Cup is headed back to the future, though I would want to go on a rigorous fitness programme before sailing on one again.

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Correction to Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup Results 2006

Further to our final report on the Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup 2006 distributed on 7 June we have a small but significant correction to make to the results. It transpires that our scorer, whose heyday coincided with that of the Quarter Tonners, appears to have been at the cooking sherry again! As a result the finishing time for Louise Morton’s Super Q in race eight was incorrectly recorded and she was scored as having won the race which put her in fourth position overall and as winner of the Ron Holland Production Division Trophy. Closer inspection of the results revealed the error and they have now been correctly calculated with the following being the new situation:

Super Q was actually eighth in race eight and the winner of the race was Peter Morton’s Espada, with Ed Dubois’ Enigma second and Tom Bombadil, owned by Chris Frost and Kevin George, third.

In the overall standings Engima, Espada and Tony Dodd’s Purple Haze remain in 1st to 3rd places respectively, while Darren Marston’s Catch is now in fourth place overall with Joxer O’Brien and Neil Kenefick’s Manzanita, helmed by Ron Holland fifth, Paul Treleving’s Odd Job sixth and Super Q down in seventh. Ironically this means that Ron wins his own Production boat trophy!

We would like to apologise for this error and assure you that we have hidden the sherry bottles and will keep the scorer away from the drinks cupboard year!

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The day after the Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup

Enormous thanks go to our title sponsor Red Funnel and day sponsors Casse Tete, UK McWilliam Sailmakers and Veneziani who all helped shape this event. Other prizes were also kindly donated by Grapefruit Graphics and Coutts.

10-15 knots and sunshine is also a bonus to any regatta.

Please note the overall results have changed due to a transcribing error in Race 8. The production boat prize was therefore won by Manzanita and will be presented to Ron Holland and his crew shortly.

Thanks also go to everyone who supported the regatta. Hope you will come along next year.

Revised Full Results (Thursday 7th June 3.45pm)

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Final day Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup

It all came down to the final race today at the Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup off Cowes. Willy Sanderson and his Royal Corinthian Yacht Club race committee did a wonderful job of completing all nine of the schedule races and today's final three races, which were sponsored by paint company Venetziani, provided the perfect conclusion to a stunning series. The 2006 Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup went to Ed Dubois and his Enigma crew of helmsman Andy Beadsworth and crew Neil Mackley, Anthony Haines and Michael Boniface. Second place went to Peter Morton and Espada's crew Kelvin Rawlings, John Welsh, John Newnham and Jamie Boag with Tony Dodd's Purple Haze crewed by Jim & George Webb, Tim Reese and Derek Morland in third.

After last night's Red Funnel Quarter Ton Gala Dinner, at which Ed Dubois and Ron Holland were the official speakers and a host of yachting's most infamous reprobates led by Bob Fisher were the official hecklers, there were more than a few sore heads this morning. Fortunately initial light airs meant a short postponement which gave everyone time to recover.

Once afloat it was clear that Quarter Ton sailing in 2006 is as competitive as it ever was and no quarter was given. One of the nicest things about this event is that it's not just about the overall leaders. Where ever you look in the fleet battles are being fought between boats of similar type and era. As the day got underway it was between Peter Morton's Espada, and Ed Dubois' Engima. When battle commenced first blood went to Ed Dubois who took race seven by 16 seconds from Darren Marston's Catch with Peter Morton third and Tony Dodd's Purple Haze fourth. In race eight Peter Morton had to suffer the indignity of being beaten into second by his wife Louise sailing his old boat Super Q with helm Liz Rushall and crew Libby Deegan, Charlotte Lawrence and Anthony Spillerbean (referred to by themselves as the middle age housewives/ex wanton sex goddesses - although Spillers wants it clearly understood that he has no part in this!). Ed Dubois took third with Chris Frost and Kevin George's Tom Bombadil fourth, Darren Marston fifth and Ron Holland helming Joxer O'Brien and Neil Kenefick's Manzanita sixth.

The grins on their faces said it all as the boats lined up for the final start of the day. Down at the pin end Morty was a little over eager, tried to loose speed and suddenly found he had no where to go as Ron Holland made the perfect pin end start, squeezed him up and spat him out backwards. Being the canny devils they are the Espada crew made the best of a bad job and set off for the right hand corner across everyone's transoms. Surprise, surprise at the weather mark it was Morty who rounded clear ahead of the pack. Behind him Tom Bombadil made an incautious port tack approach, hit a wave wrong and suddenly found themselves in irons and wedged between 45 South and Enigma as the rest of the fleet careened around them. Morty went on to win the race by just over a minute from last year's QTC holders Purple Haze with Ed Dubois third and Graydon Dawson in Diamond fourth. In a final salute to the competitive and fun nature of this regatta fifth place was a dead heat between Catch, Manzanita and Odd Job!

And so we come to the prize giving which really deserves a press release all to itself. The daily prizes were awarded by Venetziani's David Dent who then handed over to regatta organiser Louise Morton. The first overall award presented was a beautifully polished walking stick for the oldest bowman which went to George Webb of Purple Haze. Next up Murphy's Law, owned by Mark Cartwright and Nick Barker, won the prize for the youngest combined crew age and Purple Haze won the prize for the oldest combined crew age (to much barracking from the assembled crowd). The Concours d'Elegance, sponsored by Grapefruit Graphics, which was judged by the Race Committee, went to Odd Job, lovingly restored by owner Paul Treliving and his crew. Ron Holland presented a new trophy for the first production Quarter Tonner to Louise Morton and Super Q and then came the Ruffazgutz Trophy, for those not in contention for the Concours d'Elegance! This very special trophy (a lovingly crafted and formally mounted golden casting of Jim Webb's legendary beer gut) was judged by Quarter Ton Cup revival driving force Peter Morton and awarded with much hilarity to Murphy's Law, because she looks even worse today than she did when her boat builder owners found her as a virtual wreck three years ago! And finally the Royal Corinthian Red Funnel Quarter Ton Trophy (presented by the Royal Corinthian as no one can find the original Quarter Ton Cup) was awarded to Ed Dubois and the victorious Enigma team.

Proceedings were wound up by Red Funnel's Managing Director, Tom Dogherty, who thanked the competitors and organisers for a very special event and confirmed Red Funnel's ongoing support of the Quarter Ton Cup in 2007.

Dates for the 2007 Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup will be announced later this year. Full results and photographs can be found here.

For further information please contact Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup Press Officer Fiona Brown on E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel +44 (0)7711 718470 or Skype fpbrown.

For further information about the Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup please contact us.

For further information about Red Funnel please visit: www.redfunnel.co.uk.

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