2010 News

Practical Boat Owner

There is a great article in Practical Boat Owner in December's issue. There is even a
 fabulous photo on the front cover of a Quartet. Inside is a 6 page article called 
Quintessential Quarter Tonners. I think this may become an article we refer everyone
to who calls us and asks what production boats are Quarter Tonners. Thank you 
Peter Poland.  In the January edition, which is on sale from 9 December, there is another
6 page article about Quarter Tonners. So if anyone asks you what you want for 
Christmas - how about a subscription to PBO.......

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And Quarter Tonners keep winning....

Congratulations to Derek and son, James Moreland and Tim Rees who own Menace, who
love doing the Garmin Hamble Winter Series (are they mad - have you seen the weather 
over the past couple of weekends???) ) and won IRC Class 4, against
a couple of other QT's who posted decent results but couldn't last the course, and 
Sigma 33's, Mustang 30's, Impalas a mix of other boats....  Fab result.  Here is a good
pic taken by Jonty....

and winning......
Jamie McWilliam in Hong Kong on his sistership to Menace, a Kelt, won 
the Lipton Trophy last weekend - the all comers Pursuit Race and then the IRC class
in the Round the Island on Sunday, ahead of an A35 and the Mills 41..... 213 entries. 
Good team on board with Tom McWilliam, Marty Kaye, Iain Chapman and Patrick 
Pender on Saturday and the lovely Denis Martinet on Sunday. 

He tells me rather painfully that he lost the Round the Island overall (against the 
boats in the locally handicapped system) by 1 minute 52 secs which may not have 
happened if they had not so entrenched with the celebrations on Saturday night 
and turned up for the race on time on Sunday morning.  Nothing changes....!

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From North America, we have:

Stephen Jones (not the designer in Warsash) has emailed me from the States and would
like to know if I have a list of series produced boats from North American builders that
 were Quarter Tonners in their day.  I don't have one, but rather imagine there will be
a reader of this site out there who will be able to reel a couple off the tip of their
tongue.  If you know, can you email him (and I guess me so I can publish it on this 
site). This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you. 

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Flash Heart

Clearly one of the better known boats from the QTC this year due to her amazing
pirouettes around the race course - Mike Webb, one of the owners of Flash Heart has 
sent us some news.

They are thrilled to be in the Rick Tomlinson 2011 calendar - so that will make a good
Christmas present...

'Unfortunately after the QTC we decided that she was just not sea worthy enough to 
compete in any more regattas this year. She was always due for a refit this winter but we
had hoped to be getting some more use out of her to get some much needed practice
(mainly downwind!!!).

Due to a very busy summer for Tom and myself at work it is only in the last couple of weeks
that anything has been done. Thanks to the help of my Dad and George (the Webb bros)
we are currently 2/3rd of the way through removing the deck which in places had completely
delaminated to the point where it made me nervous to be stood on deck for fear of an 
in promptu visit downstairs.

There is a lot of work to do but we hope to have the bulk of it done by Christmas so that after a 
few bits of tidying up in the New Year we should be out for the Spring Series and get our teeth
into a full season....'  - Mike Webb - thanks for the update - Ed. 

Just to remind you all - we didn't see this happen once in 3 days - but probably about 6 to 8 times!

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Runaway Bus Trophy

For the third year running, we raced for the Runaway Bus Trophy last weekend. This trophy 
comprises the Nab Tower Race and the Tiny Mitchell Trophy, both very different races, and 
this weekend certainly didn't disappoint. With the forecast at gusting 30 knots from the SW, 
I promised my crew a 'downwind ride of a lifetime' to the Forts  but unfortunately the wind 
was too far south and the 30 mile race became a two sail reach,  in misty conditions - 
definitely an offshore as we were out of sight of land! After almost 5 hours in pretty big seas off the Nab, reducing to 9 knots
once back in the Solent, three QT's finished within 3 boat lengths which was pretty exciting.
Menace just lit up in those conditions and showed what a good boat it is.   For the Tiny Mitchell
on Sunday, we had 10 knots and sunny conditions, albeit in a huge spring tide. This time
Illegal Immigrant led from the first beat and won the race convincingly.  Three boats finished
on the same points - Illegal Immigrant 3,1, Espada, 2,2 and Menace 1,3 and Runaway Bus 4,4
giving Illegal Immigrant the overall trophy. Congratulations to Willie.

PS.  Good to see Full Circle make an appearance on Sunday. 

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