Next Up and Rules

Next up in the calender is either the Round the Island Race or the IRC Nationals in Crosshaven Ireland followed by the Sovereign's Cup in Kinsale.  A number of boats are going to Ireland - Aguila, Runaway Bus, Flash Heart, Espada, the first outing and sighting of Black Fun, to race against the local boats - Anchor Challenge, Tiger, Cri-Cri to name but a few, (Supernova - where are you?) but the majority of the class are staying local and doing the Round the Island Race. You are not only racing for the Gold Roman Bowl but also for the Elephant Boat Yard Trophy kindly made and donated by Tom Richardson of the Elephant Boat Yard for the first Quarter Tonner on handicap. Let's hope it is a small boat year, and that a Quarter Tonner wins the Gold Roman Bowl.  Good luck everyone, enjoy and we look forward to regrouping as a class in July.

Two things arise from this event.  One is that ALL events where the Quarter Tonners race as a class, the class rules apply.  It doesn't have to mention this in a Notice of Race, as it is prescribed the Racing Rules of Sailing. Please note and re-read the class rules if you are in doubt. They can found on this website.  The only recent exception to this was Cowes Week 2010 where in the case of crew numbers, an extra person was allowed on board to take into consideration a boat being asked to take a member of the Press or a family extra as it is a long week.

Secondly, these weekends are a cost to the class as we don't quite get enough people to attend.  There was shortfall last year of £202 and I am advised it won't be as much this year.  We do try and put on events which we think people want to attend, and I am encouraged to do this again, but it does need entries to work! 

if you have any other ideas of events you would like to participate in as a class, please let me know as the calender for 2012 is well under way.