ISC Training Weekend

This was a very worthwhile event run by the Island Sailing Club with coaching provided by Cathy Foster.  PRO Ian Lallow started off with a practice start for the 11 boats on the line followed very swiftly by a windward leeward race where the weather mark was no more than 500 yards away. It certainly focused the mind and provided some very tight boat on boat scenarios. We had three of these followed by a short gap and then a longer windward leeward race and we were back in the dock nice and early. Thank you very much!  We then met up at the ISC and had a debrief with Cathy who had taken some video and some advice on rules from Penny Carter.  On Sunday, Ian set two more windward leeward races of probably just over a mile long which again were very good.

Special mention has to go to Mark Lees on Panic who was still screwing deck fittings down at 4 am Saturday morning in Poole, had 2 hours kip and then the crew left at 6 am to passage to Cowes for the racing.  They arrived having just missed the start of the first race but it was a sterling effort.  Well done guys.