For Sale


Am currently occasionally living aboard an old QT during the week (as a floating tent).
I bought Rupert Holmes' Extension 24 'Minestrone' re-named 'Mochyn Du' (Welsh for The Black Pig)....
she is now watertight and snug with an electric heater, cushions and a new stove etc.
But also contemplating trying to put her back into slightly better racing trim...looking for a better keel,
rudder, mast and sails. Currently has an old Etchells mast which makes her a little unbalanced and short of sail downwind - as well as not really up to anything more than 20 kts (for a number of reasons).
Keel and Rudder are original and neither are these very efficient or up to a decent blow.

So, in sum, after:

Keel (approx 600-700kg)
'Blade' rudder with new bearings
Mast and sails suitable for a QT - P approx 9-9.5m with 7/8th rig, ideally blade jib, as shroud plates have been moved outboard.

Anything more modern than 1975 considered - am budget limited!!!
Any chance you could put in QT wanted/for sale?



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