Dutch Quarter Ton Cup 2013

On June 22-23 the Dutch sailed their inaugural Quarter Ton Cup in association with the Lenco Regatta (http://www.lenco.eu/regatta/). A total of 25 classic quarter ton boats arrived in Lelystad for the races. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate with plenty of rain and strong winds with gusts up to 29 knots. This kept some boats in the harbour, and a total of 18 boats ended up sailing. The fastest boats were  the immaculate Pinguin Playboy from Pierre Paris who came all the way from France and the brightly orange Foolproof from Roel Foolen. Pinguin Playboy took line honours in all three short races on Saturday causing great sorrow for Foolproof. However, reinvigorated by the oversized case of golden brew that they consumed on Saturday night, Foolproof's crew managed to beat Pinguin Playboy to the finish line during the single long race on Sunday. On corrected time, the overall winner of the regatta and therefore the winner of the 2013 Dutch Quarter Ton Cup was Sylvia ter Meulen with her well-tuned GK24 Racycaltrant. Sylvia and her crew sailed a very consistent regatta with excellent boathandling and tactics.

In other news, the crew from Freres-sur-Mer reaffirmed their reputation for breaking things by blowing their spinnaker to such small threads during a gust that no amount of British Gorilla tape could fix it.

Photographs of the races can be found at here. The event was a great success, the atmosphere was great and the sailors and organizers unanimously agreed that they want to hold this event again next year.

Stay tuned!