Alternative Helmsman

There is a possibility that a couple of the Owners will not be able to make the Quarter Ton Cup
this year due to business commitments.  Again here lies another problem in so much as we really
 want as many boats out racing as possible without compromising our 'Owner/Driver Rule'.  Any 
feedback on this subject will be appreciated but what I am proposing is that if there are genuine 
Owner/Drivers out there who are looking to join the class or have qualified in other classes such 
as Mumm 30's, Melges 32's, Farr 40's etc, then they would be allowed to either borrow or charter 
boats for the Quarter Ton Cup. This does not mean that 'amateur hired guns' will be allowed and
 each case will be treated separately with the best interests of the class at heart.

There are a number
of people that have contacted the Class thinking of buying boats and what I will be doing is trying to 
put them together with those who cannot sail to get them on the water and hopefully buying boats 
for next year.