News from the Royal Irish

I enjoy getting news from the Irish as it is always funny. This is my take on what has just happened
in Dublin. 

So there is this owner, we have met him before as he made a grand entrance in Cowes one year by 
taking a wrong turn and trying to tow his (v wide) Quarter Tonner down the High Street to the 
Marina for launching.  For any of those not knowing Cowes - it is a pedestrian walkway with no 
means of turning round or backing up!  So, we know he is good for a laugh.

Anyway, his boat has been in Cowes now for a couple of months being 'tickled' by a local boatbuilder.  
The folks back home are desperate to know exactly what tickling and where.  At the recent Royal Irish 
Yacht Club Sailing Awards dinner, the by now expanding group of Quarter Ton Owners took a table 
and stuck a poster of the famous 'Still Crazy" logo on the window behind them.

Amused by all the interest in his pimped boat, he put a photo of it on the underside of their table
mats..... and sat back and waited. No-one spotted it. As he said - "it is good to have the sense of 
humour of a 10 year old"  So - Joe Timbs, Joe Costello, Jacquiline McStay and Jim Monaghan, 
owners of Supernova - Barry Cunningham and Johnny Skeritt, owners of Quest -  and Ken Lawless 
and Sybil McCormack - you will just have to wait a little longer......

Royal Irish Dinner