Stephen Kemp

It is with great sadness I have to tell you that last evening, Sunday 20 January, Stephen sadly
 passed away after losing a long battle with cancer.  He was the Coutts connection for the Class 
and instigated a long and very successful partnership with us. The Coutts Quarter Ton Cup is now
 perceived as one of the most successful regattas in the Solent.  

Darren Marston, who has owned two recent Quarter Tonners, introduced us to Stephen and has 
written a few words.

"I was saddened to hear of Stephen's premature death today.

I met Stephen around this time of year back in 2006 having been introduced by a very good friend
 of mine Giles Redpath. Rather astutely, Giles considered that the now familiar link between the 
values of the Quarter Ton fleet and those of Coutts might just be of mutual interest and how right he was.

Certainly Stephen embraced the notion and being a keen sailor himself loved the idea of supporting 
a credible team in a vibrant Class full of so much passion and heritage.

Stephen convinced Coutts that it would be a good idea to sponsor my campaign on Catch and 
principally the Quarter Ton Cup of that year where we finished 4th. Much more importantly 
Stephen and his team invested in bringing along clients and friends to the event itself using my 
old Fairey Huntsman and a further charter boat to get a close view of the action. That coupled 
with the fantastic reception they got from the competitors and the RCYC helped Coutts fall in 
love with the Class.

I think it was an unexpected bonus when later that year the mighty Catch managed to perform 
her now celebrated Chinese Gybe off the Green during Cowes Week and made the mainstream 
press and numerous other high profile publications the World over!

The rest is indeed history and the fact that Coutts went on to  sponsor the Class and have supported 
us so well ever since is testament to Stephen and his vision.

His affectionate description of The Quarter Ton Cup will certainly live on; the Goodwood Revival of the Sea

Thank you Stephen"

One bit of good news in all this, is that it has been confirmed that Coutts will be continuing their 
sponsorship of the Quarter Ton Cup in 2013.