Coutts and other news

Great news all round in that Coutts have confirmed their sponsorship of the QTC
for 2010.  Their 3 year contract expired in 2009 but they would be pleased to sponsor 
the event for another year. This means that the event will be held in Cowes and that 
it is mid week.  We have chosen the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday immediately prior 
to the Round the Island Race, meaning that anyone wishing to travel to the Solent  
can do both regattas within one week.  I will arrange suitable berthing 
between the events at Cowes Yacht Haven for those wishing to stay on, and also for
 craneage to occur at the weekends.

There has been a lot of interest since Cowes Week in people looking for QT's and
I know there are one or two for sale.  Please keep sending me details of what you 
have or what you are looking for so I can put them on the For Sale section of the 

I propose that we have a Fitting Out Supper at the RCYC in Cowes in March, preceeded 
by an Owners Meeting to discuss anything and everything to do with the class.  One of the
things that we are going to need to tidy up is the criteria of what is a Quarter Tonner. For 
example at the moment technically mini tonners could come and sail as we don't have a 
lower limit on the IOR rating.  There has also been some suggestion that we should put 
an upper limit on the IRC ratings of Quarter Tonners although while the Rating Office has
so much control over hull factors which bear little resemblance to reality, the ratings
are slightly in the hands of the Rating Office, unless we can get them to be a bit more
uniform with the way they treat us.