RORC Racing 2010

The Chief Executive of the RORC called me today to personally invite the Quarter 
Tonners to join in with their Easter Red Funnel regatta and their IRC Championships
in 2010.

They are offering us our own class if we can get 8 boats together, OR 
we can race in IRC 3 if not. I did them both this year and it was great being on the
 same race course as the really big boats.  I remember one moment coming into a 
leeward mark completely sandwiched and overlapped by the much faster Farr 45, Atomic,
 and Fair Do's with not a word spoken between the boats. Everyone knew exactly 
what the score was. It is also a great advert for the class to be seen out there
competing at this level and doing well. (I have asked them to reconsider their 
race entry fees for us little 'uns).