And Quarter Tonners keep winning....

Congratulations to Derek and son, James Moreland and Tim Rees who own Menace, who
love doing the Garmin Hamble Winter Series (are they mad - have you seen the weather 
over the past couple of weekends???) ) and won IRC Class 4, against
a couple of other QT's who posted decent results but couldn't last the course, and 
Sigma 33's, Mustang 30's, Impalas a mix of other boats....  Fab result.  Here is a good
pic taken by Jonty....

and winning......
Jamie McWilliam in Hong Kong on his sistership to Menace, a Kelt, won 
the Lipton Trophy last weekend - the all comers Pursuit Race and then the IRC class
in the Round the Island on Sunday, ahead of an A35 and the Mills 41..... 213 entries. 
Good team on board with Tom McWilliam, Marty Kaye, Iain Chapman and Patrick 
Pender on Saturday and the lovely Denis Martinet on Sunday. 

He tells me rather painfully that he lost the Round the Island overall (against the 
boats in the locally handicapped system) by 1 minute 52 secs which may not have 
happened if they had not so entrenched with the celebrations on Saturday night 
and turned up for the race on time on Sunday morning.  Nothing changes....!