More news from Federico Cellini

Federico has sent me a pic of his first design, called Farm & C. She was designed in 1977
and built in 1978 so she started off to suit the IOR 18' rule but had to be changed during the 
build to 18.5'.  She was a short hull (7.2) and heavy (1650kg) with a centreboard.  However 
during construction he abandoned the centreboard and fixed a fin keel and made her lighter.
 She was cold moulded so they weren't able to modify the hull to suit unfortunately.  Federico 
was 17 years old at the time and built her with 4 friends and no money!  Result - a real rocket
ship upwind in almost every condition but a dog downwind. Because of lack of funds they
were limited to what they could do, but they did go and win the Medio Adriatico Championship
 - all classes, including his fathers half tonner!  Aren't these stories just great...