Just received, an email from Chris Oldfield who lives in South Yarra, Australia who tells me:

'This is a big day for me!  I have just spoken to the guy who now owns the QT boat 'Foxbat' that 
I had built in Melbourne, Australia for 1978.  Foxboat was designed by Prof Peter Joubert and
was loosely on the style of Magic Bus. I raced her in Melbourne as a QT in the IOR fleet. In 
1982 I moved to Hobart and raced her with the JOG's.  In recent years, I lost touch but now she
has a new owner in Hobart who is 12 months into a re-build programme to bring her back to 
her original spec - a most wonderful boat.  I am so delighted to see the QT's back again, the 
most fun racing I ever had!'