QT Meeting Notes

Here is a summary of the Owners Meeting we had on Saturday 6th March where 
representatives of 12 boats attended. (I presume everybody else is happy with the way
things are being run).

Following a proposal from Howard Sellars (Bullit) a discussion was held with a view to 
introducing a lower and upper rating limit for the fleet. It was agreed that it would
 not be right to exclude the original RORC 16 ft rating boats that were genuine Quarter 
Tonners, therefore there shall be no lower rating limit.  The meeting was attended by
 a member of the Mini Ton Association, Ken Dogherty, and a discussion was held about 
them attending some of the events alongside the Quarter Tonners. It was decided that
 for this year, they should not attend the QTC but would be welcome at some of our 
other events. Of the original Quarter Tonners, ie. those in the RORC 16 ft rating band,
 a number of them almost certainly would have been eligible to race as mini tonners 
when the Quarter Tonners went to 18 ft IOR and the new mini tonners came in at 
16.5 ft IOR. We will hold discussions with the mini tonners to see if they would allow some 
of the smaller boats to race in the Mini Ton series if they prefer to.

There was concern amongst those who attended that some people would continue to
 put bigger rigs on their boats and it was agreed that there should be an upper IRC Rating 
limit. It was decided that any boat that sailed last year should not have to reduce its
rating to sail this year and the highest rating boat at the QTC last year was 0.918.  To 
allow for a little bit of adjustment this year in IRC, it was agreed that we would have an 
upper IRC limit of 0.920 for all regattas where we have a QT Class.

There was also some discussion about modifying boats. Morty recalled that during the 
RORC and IOR Rule these boats were changed often with bumps on and off, new keels
 new rudders, trim changes and even scoops being added and removed. This was part 
of the QT class and is part of what gives this class some character and differentiates it 
from a strictly one design class. The current rule we use IRC is very specific about what 
is allowed to be done without changing the hull date. Old IOR boats are allowed to remove 
bumps, fair in the aft girth station crease, and all IRC boats are allowed to change their keels
and rudder as long as the rating authorities are notified.  It was felt that we have to rely on
IRC to control this and therefore part of the QT Rule will not only be that the boat was built
 prior to 1996 but it must have a hull date prior to 1996.  This way, anybody who makes 
substantial changes by altering the underwater 'canoe body' would not be eligible to race.

Divisions. It was agreed that for the QTC divisional prizes would be awarded. Division 
splits to be decided once the entries have been received.

Race Programme.  It was agreed to include the Poole Regatta (2nd May Bank Holiday 
weekend) and the Battle of Britain Regatta in September.  LM to add them to the 

Season Championship Cup.  It was agreed that there would be a Season Championship
Cup (to be donated) for 7 regattas, of which 5 to count. On reflection we think this should 
include everything on the official programme except those regattas not held in UK waters
ie. Jersey and Benodet, and the QTC iself.  This leaves 10 regattas,with 5 to count.  In the 
event of a tie, the best results from the biggest QT fleets will decide. Where we race within 
an IRC class, the QT results will be extracted.

End of Season Championship Dinner - It was agreed this would be a good idea. To be held
 in October/November when trophies not presented during the year could be presented, 
including the new Season Championship Cup.

Crew Limits.  The QT crew limit is currently 5 crew. Where a boat sails with 5 female 
crew, a 6th crew member is allowed. It was agreed at the meeting that this should apply
to all events where the Quarter Tonners race as a class and we will write some class
rules so that where a NOR states the class will comply with the class rules, it will be clear.

There has been some rumblings within the class, and a number of non QT sailors have 
remarked on this. It doesn't do our class any good, so now we have had an open forum
and agreed the above, I would be grateful if this could now stop.  We shall continue to 
have regular meetings and are always open to ways of improving the Class and the 
communication therein.