Warsash Spring Series

Well, I obviously nagged you all enough because in the end we had a miraculous
entry of 10 Quarter Tonners and it is still April. It was impressive and it was
great to be back out there with short lines, short courses, and lots of good racing
(in 3 to 8 knots of breeze).  Grateful thanks to Warsash Sailing Club who invited us to
join their weekend and we thought it was very well run. The turn around between 
races (they have obviously been listening to us complaining about another well
known race organiser) was second to none. Hardly time to open a bottle
of water and we were off again. Races lasted from just 20 minutes up to an hour
and 20 and after 4 races on Saturday we were back in Cowes by 3 pm!  We, on 
Espada got caught out both mornings by the distance to the starting area from
Cowes (much closer for the Hamble boys) and I just looked at a chart this evening -
the Bramble post is not even half way if you are attempting to hit Cutter
from Cowes. Anyway, I have thanked the CRO on your behalf and hope we behaved
ourselves sufficiently to be invited back again next year.  

Thank you all.