Poole Regatta Report

From Roger Swinney

We had a great and varied but mostly windy Poole Regatta. One race saw all 5 boats nose to tail
around the windward mark. From a Force 6-7 on Saturday we ended up with Force 0 on Sunday
and had to motor all the way back to Cowes, 5 hours!  Race 2 saw all five of us within 1 minute
on corrected time by Race 7 it was almost half an hour!

Illegal Immigrant (or just 'Grunt' for short as she has plenty of that...) was going like a refugee 
chased by the Border Patrol. Very impressive. She won in the heavy and in the light stuff.

Menace had a 1st and was never out of the top 3 and Diamond was right up there too, both 
crews parting with us at PYC. Panic crewed by all youngsters had some great moments too, 
winning Race 4.  (They didn't do Race 1 in the Force 6-7 as they had only just bolted the keel
on the day before. Wise decision - it was too as to coin a phrase, it was 'effinorrible' out there 
in the rain)  Ayanami started with a 3rd in the blow, even survived the gybe but got slower as the 
wind died later in the event.

Immigrant won overall and is the 'Wessex Quarter Ton Champion' as it was titled in the blurb...

Full results at: http://www.pooleregatta.co.uk/results/2010/Quarter%20Ton.html