ISC Training Weekend

The 7 boats that turned up this weekend had a fantastic opportunity to hone their starting, tactics
and mark roundings on very short sharp courses set by the legendary PRO Ian Lallow. I could have
hit a golf ball with my driver to the weather mark it was so close (and I am not a big hitter!) 
and it presented a great opportunity for us all. Cathy Foster helped everyone on and off the
race course with her very observant calls for boat trim, set up, tactics, infact whatever
you wanted.  Great many thanks to Sonia Mayes at the ISC for coming up with this idea, which
will definitely be put into the programme for next year.  For those of you who didn't make it,
you missed a great opportunity to get ready for the QTC....!

Congratulations to Paul Kelsey and his team on Runaway Bus who won the weekend......