Coutts Quarter Ton Cup

FIrstly, a great many thanks to Coutts for sponsoring our regatta for the 4th year running. 
I think they enjoyed it - they certainly saw lots of action on the race course and were 
well looked after by Hugh Agnew on Rum Jungle. Thank you Hugh.

I have to say, Fiona Brown does an amazing job for us on the PR.  We had headlines twice
on Sailing Anarchy - for the knockdowns - thanks to that amazing one on Anchor Challenge - 
(get off the bow Jason!) and Flash Heart who pirouetted around the course alot.  
This year, for first time, she did a QT blog throughout the event with news, snippets,
film interviews etc. You can read up on this at:

Her daily press releases can be found here:
Day 1 -
Day 2 -
Day 3 -

And then a big thank you to everyone who turned up and raced their lovely little boats.
It was a great sight.  If you check out you can find they did some filming of 
the event which is well worth watching.