And Next? 

3 boats are doing the IRC Championships this weekend. I am sorry it isn't
more. If it is this unpopular we shall remove it from the programme next year.

Next is Cowes Week. First week in August. Get your entries in now. We have our own class
starts, and a Class Drinks Party. Watch this space for details. 

I have been asked by the owner of Runaway Bus whether he can sail with 6 people during Cowes Week which effectively takes him out of Class Rules I have to say in Cowes Week sometimes it is nice to take a guest, or member of the press, or just simply a friend. Does anyone have any objections to this request. I suppose what we would be trying to avoid is someone obviously loading the boat with crew on a windy day. I can see that this is a genuine request, for the whole of the week. If you have any comments, please email me by Monday 5th July so we can agree which way to go.