IRC Championships Report

We girls enjoy this regatta. We are in and mixing it with the big boats (boys) and we enjoy that,
even if the RORC shorten the course at the gate, give us all a finishing gun, but forget to take
sail numbers and times.....  We borrowed Anchor Challenge from Morty, and in turn 
we lent Espada to Mark Lees who only discovered on Thursday that he couldn't race the already
entered Panic as she didn't have an endorsed IRC cert. Anchor Challenge has halyard locks and 
it is quite a stressful time coming into a leeward mark rounding (West Lepe) in a SW sea breeze, 
3 knot tide with, surrounded by big boats, with all eyes focused on poor Diana trying to get the 
jib halyard lock to engage. Anyway, she was masterful and managed it well...... although I think I will
stick to a winch on the cabin top in future!  Also out and racing was Menace with Howard Sellars 
on board helping the clean shaven James to negotiate his way round the course.  It was a great
shame there weren't more people out there, although you will be pleased to hear that we three
beat the J97, the two J92's and a half tonner .