Cowes Week Drinks Party

The Quarter Ton Class Drinks Party in Cowes Week is on THURSDAY 5 AUGUST 
at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club.  6.30 to 8pm.  Tickets are £12.50.  I might even
be able to persuade the Rockstar to turn up....

Even if you are NOT racing your QT, please do come along. We would love to see you.

However, rather than have me stressed at the door trying to extract money from those  
I am late/I only want one drink/I don't want anything to drink people - (you know who you are....) 
you MUST pay me in advance.

Cheques made payable to:  Quarter Ton Class Association, 35 Castle Road, Cowes, IOW PO31 7QZ.  
Yes, we now have a Bank account (at Coutts!)