Cowes Week Report

Well, I thought that was a great week's racing. The racing varied between 2 hours and 4.5 hours
and 2 knots and 25 knots, sunny and rain. Great stuff. Team New Zealand's tactician Ray Davies
was staying with us and sailing on Rio with Morty and said 'what fun it was racing in the Solent
with all the tides, windshifts, mud banks, rocks and made a pleasant change from windward
leeward sailing around the world' You have to say, it is orienteering.  But that said, what fun
and a change from the norm, and what close racing we had.  One day, we must have tacked
80 times in close proximity with Bullet and Aguila and then finished overlapped downwind in 
20 knots screaming through the moorings off Cowes Green. It just doesn't get better than that.

6 different winners during the week, and only seconds separating the boats.  Despite my husband
being on a TP52 doing 25 knots, I was lined up perfectly on Day 1 causing me to crash gybe to 
get out of the way. I lost that race by 5 seconds. All was not good at home that night.....

There is a lot of chat about the Quarter Tonners and Matt Sheahan has written an article for
Yachting World that is due to be published in the October magazine all about the refit on
Cote.  That should be a good read.

The one thing that cropped up this week is that it isn't all about ratings, it is about which way you
go and time on the water.

The Class Drinks Party on Thursday was attended by every boat bar one which was a tremendous
effort and it was good to have everyone together in one place to swap stories. We even added a 1980's 
rock star (Simon le Bon) to complete the era and I can assure you he is still crazy after all these years!!!

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