Runaway Bus Trophy

For the third year running, we raced for the Runaway Bus Trophy last weekend. This trophy 
comprises the Nab Tower Race and the Tiny Mitchell Trophy, both very different races, and 
this weekend certainly didn't disappoint. With the forecast at gusting 30 knots from the SW, 
I promised my crew a 'downwind ride of a lifetime' to the Forts  but unfortunately the wind 
was too far south and the 30 mile race became a two sail reach,  in misty conditions - 
definitely an offshore as we were out of sight of land! After almost 5 hours in pretty big seas off the Nab, reducing to 9 knots
once back in the Solent, three QT's finished within 3 boat lengths which was pretty exciting.
Menace just lit up in those conditions and showed what a good boat it is.   For the Tiny Mitchell
on Sunday, we had 10 knots and sunny conditions, albeit in a huge spring tide. This time
Illegal Immigrant led from the first beat and won the race convincingly.  Three boats finished
on the same points - Illegal Immigrant 3,1, Espada, 2,2 and Menace 1,3 and Runaway Bus 4,4
giving Illegal Immigrant the overall trophy. Congratulations to Willie.

PS.  Good to see Full Circle make an appearance on Sunday.