Fitting Out Dinner

The Quarter Ton tradition of having lots of fun and rum continued on Saturday night at the Fitting Out Supper attended by 11 boats and their crews. 37 people sat down to dinner with the guest of honour Brian Thompson who has recently returned from the Vendee Globe race where he finished 5th.

The Runaway Bus Trophy for 2008 was presented by Paul Kelsey to Peter Morton on behalf of Paul Treliving (Poldark) who was unable to attend at the last moment, who with a 2nd and a 1st beat Bullet who had a 1st and a 2nd in the Nab Tower and Tiny Mitchell Trophy events.

Also attending was Jules Salter who as navigator on Ericsson 4 in the Volvo Race had only just returned that day from Rio for 4 days r&r back in the UK and who was keen to party with his mates.

The - what is now becoming traditional - Mount Gay Award was presented to two people - Mike Till who having just reached his 70th birthday this year has won the Legend class in a Finn event in Cannes, just done the Etchells Worlds and who still does foredeck on his Quarter Tonner.

The second bottle of Mount Gay was presented to Morty who having spent two years negotiating with the Spanish Navy to purchase two 1990 quarter tonners finally got to  collect them.  He towed a flat bed trailer to Vigo in North Spain without stopping, spent the day packing up the boats, and left the following morning for the 10 hour trip to Bilboa to catch the ferry back to Portsmouth. 2 1/2 hours after leaving Vigo, towing one of the two boats, the engine on his car blew up and the car and the boat on the trailer had to be retrieved on a bank holiday Thursday in Spain at vast expense as he didnt have roadside assistance cover. 

The condition of this prize is that the tops have to taken off and thrown away.......

It certainly makes for a good party.   Lots of stories were told, Brian did an excellent job in telling us all how he got round the World and everyone had a good time.

The Class would like to give a warm welcome to Rob Gray who has bought one of the Spanish boats, and Olly Ophaus has bought the other - this being his second quarter tonner, the first - Supernova, he sold to Ireland at the end of last year.

Also new to the Class is Mike Pascall who has bought Pandamonium from Greece but changed to the name to Illegal Immigrant on account of the fact that they found one on board on arrival in Dover having towed the boat back from Southern Italy.

Dashing Darren
At the QT dinner we were very surprised to see that Olly Ophaus who has just bought his second QT - the Pepe Gonzalez Spanish QT - turned up with Darren Marston who was the previous owner of Catch. Rumours ran amok that evening and it transpired after dinner and several bottles of rum that Darren is considering a comeback.  Despite Darren becoming a semi pro on the new multi million Judel Vrolik 60, deep down he knows that the competition and up and coming class is the Quarter Tonners!