More boat/people news

After an amazingly quick and superb 2 month refit, one of the two Spanish boats is on the water this weekend racing in the Vice Admiral's Cup.  Mogor, now called Aguila which is Spanish for Eagle, and owned by Rob Gray is a beautiful carbon quarter tonner and she is quick too...

Spotted on the water in Darren's Fairey Huntsman watching progress around the race track on Friday was Olly Opha.

More boats....
Wings, the Stephen Jones quarter tonner we had an inkling was in Holland has surfaced - in Holland.... see the Fleet and has been purchased by Berry Aarts, owner of The Itch.

Also, under Forum - boats for sale, the twice QTC winner MacDonalds also also come to light in Malmo.   Recently found in Italy is a sistership for sale of Espada and Anchor Challenge. Still lots out there to choose from!

Royal Southampton YC - Clarkson Cup
To quote Scutttlebutt 14 May - 'Class 4 IRC in first place was the magnificently turned out quarter tonner Runaway Bus with 4 bullets....''  Well done guys.  The only QT to turn out last weekend in the Solent but 3 more to give you some competition in the Royal Southern Regatta this weekend.

For those of you still working on your boats, spare a thought for Tets Sakai in Hong Kong who is still working on his boat. Thanks to Jamie McWilliam for this update.


Our New Zealand friends
Those of you at the QT Fitting Out Supper will remember that I mentioned that Brett Linton from NZ wanted to come over and charter a boat for the QTC and Cowes Week.  Well, Graydon Dawson has kindly agreed to charter him Diamond for Cowes Week and he is now completely set for this regatta.