Bruce Farr's Favourites

On Sailing Anarchy today, Bruce Farr has written an article about his favourite boats, of which he says there are many - of course, how can you choose a favourite amongst your children.... However, the second boat he mentions is the Farr 727 - "Almost at the other end of the spectrum was the little ¼ tonner 45 South, which won the ¼ ton  Cup Worlds in 1975, changing the design direction of offshore racing yachts in the process. 

A sweet handling, small, light dinghy-like keel yacht with a runner-less single swept-spreader fractional rig. My first production built keel yacht and conceived as racer/cruiser!  My first Keel Yacht World Champion, and introduction to the Northern Hemisphere market. I was a part owner and helmed that boat to victory in the NZ championships but was unable to sail her in the Worlds.  Murray Crockett, Graeme Woodroffe, Roy Dickson, and Rob Martin did a superb job in my absence, while I sailed in the Admirals Cup aboard Graham Eder’s Gerontius".