Runaway Bus Trophy

So near, but yet so far.....

Thank you for a very good turn out for the class, congratulations to everyone not just the winners. Some of us have to make up the numbers with the objectives of improvement. Whiskers was great and will help us to keep on pushing.

Morty you old lazy bug, we saw this coming for 2 weeks and still had to try. Poor old Rablo crew missed ferry from Southampton due to a medical emergency ambulance coming in and though early were still left in Southampton as they sent the ferry out early. Got into bed 0130 and out again 0545. Navigator error on start due to line !!!( no problem in my book as the instructions were clear) missed the Nab by 0.25 nm. wind died and spent 3 hrs motoring home. Ho, Ho would not have missed it. Could not do Tiny Cup due to kids and had to get back Sunday to mainland.

Great time, was thinking of going back to class 6, nah. Will look forward to racing with you next year as you are Still Crazy and so are we. From all my crew and me we are very grateful for a good years sailing though the wind has been a bit light. Your efforts are very much appreciated and that is why we will see you for more fun and adventure next year.

We are a bit strange but we do love our racing (frustrating at the back) and now the kids are getting bigger (Jet is 3 today) we might remember how to do it and get the boat up to speed (sink it and get a new one).

Simon Wheeler and Crew - Rablo

Runaway Bus Trophy
Great to see so many boats out for the Nab Tower/Tiny Mitchell double which forms the Runaway Bus Trophy this weekend. Surprise appearance from Purple Haze (nice to see you) and welcome especially to Southy and his Hamble crew for their first QT regatta on the old Snoopy, now called Whiskers. Whiskers was lovingly put together and ready to race this weekend by Led Pritchard and it was absolutely brilliant to see him beaming with shear delight after his first sail in 54 weeks, as a result of a nasty sailing accident in Sardinia last September.  It was a light, no very light weekend wind wise and Morty decided not to even get out of bed on the Saturday it looked so dire. However 8 other QT's showed a bit more mettle and turned up on the start line mixing it with 50 or so other IRC boats. With the second biggest tide of the year, it was not a race to be over the line for, and indeed everyone was was very line shy (exactly where is the ISC line anyway??). Not far short of sailing round the island, the Nab Tower can be an epic.  4 hours, it took us to reach it, and Southy went round first ahead of many bigger boats including J109s, Elans 40's, Corby 45's etc.

Espada second, Bullet and Menace followed by Runaway Bus.  1st QT on handicap by a considerable lead (just where did they go - we couldn't see them...) was Whiskers, Menace 2nd, Bullet 3rd. Tiny Mitchell. A bit more wind when we woke up, enough for Anchor Challenge to get moving, but in the end a very dreary light airs race.  Anchor Challenge and Whiskers had a battle at the front of the fleet followed by Espada, Bullet and Menace miles behind, although Bullet and Espada eventually retired, as did Purple Haze (did we spot Poldark on board?). Anchor Challenge won, by 11 seconds from Whiskers and Menace 3rd.  The Runaway Bus Trophy goes to Whiskers for a very credible win on their first weekend outing.  Congratulations guys (and Cat).