Round the Island Race

Congratulations to Darren Marston and his team on Catch who won the Elephant Boat Yard Trophy for the first Quarter Tonner under IRC in the Round the Island Race. It was an epic race and one that will be discussed for many years to come.

On Espada we had stashed a brilliant picnic below but downwind between the Needles and Bembridge Ledge in limit conditions (who didn't broach or chinese gybe?) we were unable to go below and retrieve anything.  Indeed discovered that lunch too far forward causes excessive nosediving...... The Catch boys sailed hard (and partied hard afterwards as well) and deservedly won the class.   Second was a Waarship who has yet to come and play with us -  Jan Ford who sails on Ayanami has sent through this wonderful photograph taken from their boat of Sgt Pepper (Richard & Anna Thomas) during the Round the Island Race.  It reminds me of those on the limit conditions we had from the Needles round to Bembridge.  What a great race.