Correction to Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup Results 2006

Further to our final report on the Red Funnel Quarter Ton Cup 2006 distributed on 7 June we have a small but significant correction to make to the results. It transpires that our scorer, whose heyday coincided with that of the Quarter Tonners, appears to have been at the cooking sherry again! As a result the finishing time for Louise Morton’s Super Q in race eight was incorrectly recorded and she was scored as having won the race which put her in fourth position overall and as winner of the Ron Holland Production Division Trophy. Closer inspection of the results revealed the error and they have now been correctly calculated with the following being the new situation:

Super Q was actually eighth in race eight and the winner of the race was Peter Morton’s Espada, with Ed Dubois’ Enigma second and Tom Bombadil, owned by Chris Frost and Kevin George, third.

In the overall standings Engima, Espada and Tony Dodd’s Purple Haze remain in 1st to 3rd places respectively, while Darren Marston’s Catch is now in fourth place overall with Joxer O’Brien and Neil Kenefick’s Manzanita, helmed by Ron Holland fifth, Paul Treleving’s Odd Job sixth and Super Q down in seventh. Ironically this means that Ron wins his own Production boat trophy!

We would like to apologise for this error and assure you that we have hidden the sherry bottles and will keep the scorer away from the drinks cupboard year!