Cowes Week

.... is almost upon us.  Two things to note.  The first is that I have had several enquiries from entrants asking if the crew numbers rule for the QT class can be set to one side for this regatta.  This is something that we did last year and worked just fine. Basically, although we have our own class start and have to conform therefore to the class rules, because this regatta goes on for 7 days keeping the same crew for each day is difficult and with some boats wishing to take family, friends and the odd journalist we have decided once again to relax this rule.  You can sail with more than 5 crew if you wish.

Secondly, although Espada is entered for this regatta I will not be taking part as I am on my third leg plaster and have been categorically told by the surgeon that I cannot sail.  I am reluctant to pull the boat from the regatta as this year we only have 10 entrants and I don't want to drop the numbers to 9 as it may mean that next year we don't get our own class start.  Oh what we do for this class......

Anyway, Roger Swinney of Innuendo has kindly agreed to organise the Class Cocktail Party and this will be on Thursday 11th August at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club from 6.30 to 8pm and all crews are welcome, whether you are racing your QT in this regatta or not.  Tickets to cover the cost of the drink and nuts is £10 a head. Please book your spaces with Roger direct and he will collect the money.  His email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I hope to see you there - please support this event.

Aftermath of Cowes Week
It has to have been the windiest Cowes Week on record!  Congratulations to all those who took part in the QT class. I was very impressed as I am not sure I would have wanted to have gone out on those conditions. 

Panic did very well. They persevered with it all and won the week despite breaking their rudder on day 2 and having a mercy dash back to Poole to pick up the old one.  Well done boys.

Cote - Oh dear, what can I say. How sad to break the rig also on day 2, but was only too pleased to keep you on the water and racing for the rest of the week by lending you my boat.  I knew that as a boatbuilder you would mend any bends!

I was very very disappointed to be watching it from the balcony and listening to all the reports on Cowes Week Radio.  However, I can report that QT class gets a fair bit of commentary from Dick Johnson for which we are very grateful.  He truly comes from an IOR era and can appreciate what we have and what we have done.  Thank you Dick.

Thank yous also go to Roger Swinney who organised the class cocktail party and won a race with his second Quarter Tonner, Innuendo.  Fantastic.  I will be back next year and hoping to swell the class numbers.