Round the Island Race Report

and here is a report from Liz Rushall sailing on Cote on the Round the Island Race......

Can’t give you a full fleet report from the RTI Race  as couldn’t see a lot for the first half of it the weather was so vile.  But we had a cracking first beat on Cote down the Solent – (after incredibly poor rules observance of ‘room to tack’ on the Green by the rest of IRC 3!  Thank God we had Mark calling the rules to other boats! )   Full on down the back of the Island – we hit 16.2 knots at  one point.  3 chinese gybes in big waves off the beach around St Kats just to entertain the crowds on the cliffs - obviously. (I notice Darren had handed me the tiller at that point and was studying the guessing box...!), big swim on the third wipe out – like up to our necks -  life jacket fired off just to make you look like a complete amateur in the back.   Constant bailing of the cockpit was a must for survival.

St Cats to Bembridge – we were neck and neck with Willie (McNeil on Illegal Immigrant)– both of us with no headsail or spinnaker for while.  We seem to have carelessly thrown one away and Willie seemed to be short of some running rigging and appeared to be doing a complete annual refit at hi speed.    Darren was mumbling something about the joys of being an owner, and the beauty of classic powerboats at this point. We eventually found a Cadet spinnaker and still hit some interesting speeds.  And when we got Bembridge Ledge the sun came out finally and it stopped looking like a scarily grim day in November – so we finished in glorious sun.  7hours  35mins, and 24th overall and 1st in Class. 

Silly boats.