Soverign's Cup Report

One thing that can be guaranteed when you turn up in Ireland is a fabulous welcome.  Many thanks to Ian Travers who really couldn't have been more helpful to all us visitors and I think I speak on behalf of the Kiwis as well as the Brits.  The only problem with the place is the weather. It rains a great deal, and I mean a great deal. Ian organised a QT drinks party on the Friday and managed to give a prize to every boat with a funny story attached.  We had up to 27/28 knots of wind on Friday which combined with some big Atlantic rollers made for some great downwind sailing and an upwind assault course.  Congratulations to Aguila who won the week hotly contested by Tiger and Anchor Challenge.  The only downside to the whole event was that Morty's car blew up in Swansea on the way home (good side it was this side of the Irish Sea) and he and Rob returned home on the back of the AA truck towing Aguila and I sustained an ankle injury (which subsequently turned out to be a double fracture to the fibula) but I think all things considered it was a very successful week away.