Quarter Ton Cup - Review

What a great event.  Thanks to Rob Lamb and his team, the racing was superb. 

Dinner on Friday night wasn't bad either. I think the last left the bar at 3am. I gather Jamie McWilliam can't remember much, but he and his team certainly led the charge.

One of Bullit's crew was seen doing the walk of shame at 9.15 on Saturday morning back to Gurnard, still
fully dressed in his previous evening's attire. 

Thank you to everyone for coming and for making it such a special 10 year anniversary event.

For those of you who pledged £50 to Sail for Cancer, please donate here http://www.sail4cancer.org/TeamB4Ego

I will be in touch about organising a regatta 20/21 September. 

Keep an eye on Facebook Quarter Tonners UK for news and comment.

Fiona Brown/Paul Wyeth and Rick Tomlinson all took great photos - check out their websites and Fiona's

And finally, a huge thanks to Coutts for their sponsorship and belief in us as a Class.