There is a young lad called Nathan

There is a lovely young Irish lad called Nathan Kirwan.  He and the rest of the Tiger crew led by George Kenefick used to race at the Quarter Ton Cup, and for a couple of years I provided accommodation for them. It wasn't hard. They were chatty, friendly, helpful, good company for all my girls, and there was always a side of Irish Smoked Salmon in it for the landlady.  

Unfortunately Nathan had a late night encounter with some rum and a tree and has been injured badly.  You can read his very well written blog here.  

George Kenefick - still the owner of Tiger, has decided to raise funds for Nathan (who has recently now lost his father to cancer). He plans to sail his Laser from the Fastnet rock to Crosshaven on 21 June (65 miles) weather dependent. 

They have asked if I can share the link for donations to his Trust.  Money goes towards his medical bills, accommodation, a new car the Trust plans to purchase for him etc. Please find the link below and feel free to write anything.

I think it is a great idea to support this lovely young man -

Meanwhile, the other Kenefick brother, Dave is currently competing in the Figaro in Full Irish.