Mad? - no just daft.....

After competing in the 2014 J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round The Island Race in his Quarter Tonner Panic, the owner Geoff Gritton is proposing to jump straight in to a life raft and stay in it until noon on the 22nd June. So he can expect to be in it for about 20 hours.
The life raft will be in Cowes Yacht Haven and Geoff will be raising money for Sail4Cancer.
The facebook page is daftyinarafty and hashtag is #daftyinarafty.
For the weight conscious amongst the many races there will be Sail4Cancer collection buckets at the entrances to the pontoon walkways and crews can put their coins to these buckets, so the weight wary skippers can feel happy that they have light crews.
Sail4Cancer already has nearly £500 in pledges and Spinlock, A-Glaze, Helly Hansen, Tiffins (Cowes)  and English Braids are giving product that will be auctioned during the event.
Pledgesports have waived their fee and are being very proactive with this project. You can visit the page at
If you are in Cowes Yacht Haven then stop on by for a biscuit and a chat.